Tuesday , May 18 2021

Many errors in the arrangement of the apartment belong to the State

On November 16, the Da Nang Inspection announced the inspection findings on compliance with legal policies in the management, management and use of public housing in the Cong Apartment Management Company (now the Condominium Management Center) and related organizations and individuals.

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An apartment in Nai Hien Dong Ward, from the city of Da Nang.

According to the inspection, the whole city of Da Nang has 1,324 apartments for officials, public servants and employees for rent. The results of real inspection in apartment buildings are 17 cases where staff are renting the apartment to other people who must have to recover.

There are 13 cases that were not regularly asked to the president of the People's Committee of the city that directs the functional agencies to verify the state of use and take measures to deal with; 98 cases of improper matters and do not plan regularly to withdraw the floor and inform the competent authorities for the treatment.

In addition, 61 out of the list are officials, public officials, but condominium companies still rent apartments without the approval of the authorities. Three cases were approved by the People's Committee of Danang City for the purchase of land for housing, but the company did not report the recovery of the apartment. In addition, there are 25 cases of rent for 3 months but the company does not rescind the contract and does not propose the recovery of TP homes.

According to the investigation, there are 152 cases of property of the house, 56 cases of two or more plots in the city of Da Nang. These cases have been identified as not very difficult and urgent houses, but they still enjoy the policy of supporting the condominiums of the city. The inspector of the city of Da Nang proposed to review and give an exhaustive advice to the People's Committee of the City issued the decision to revoke the rental of houses in these cases.


The Danang city president asked the community management company to review the responsibility of the chief, departments and individuals related to errors and defects in the management and reception of records. and design of apartments.

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