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Message Angela Baby divorce, fanatics only say: "Oh God! I think?

In 2016, "Huynh Catholic Master" made the showbiz stirred by his impressive "century of marriage." Since then, the love story Huang Xiaoming and Angela Baby have become real life novels that no one ever loves.

The wedding of that year, where it only shakes the showbiz, the Chinese language, but also showbiz Asia admires calmly.

However, in the same year, the "wedding of the century" was a "real life" couple scandal that came every two years after two years of marriage, despite having a boy. good boy

More importantly, this information is believed to be up to 80% accurate, as it was personally verified by the head of Feng Shui.

Trac Vy, the head of the study, is under the command of a team of "dogs" who show all the terror. Every time Feng Shui said, it happened. That's why, when the voices of Tse Vy claim that the couple broke up, many fans of the Huynh-Baby couple feel very confused.

Huang Xiao Ming only on the 41st anniversary on November 13th, but only published images next to his son without seeing Angela Baby.

Before this rumor, the couple Huynh Xiaoming and the management units of the two have not yet been corrected or recognized. However, if this is true, looking back at a deep love for Huang Xiaoming – Angela Baby who can accept this.

When the two began to leave, standing before the public opinion of the "hammer", Huang Xiao Ming always protect and protect Angela Baby for ink.

When it was rumored that his girlfriend had plastic surgery, the actor responded in a very clever way: "In fact, Angela Baby also has bad times. People often say she has a plastic surgery to have a beautiful goddess, but that's because she has not seen her in real life. I'm not the ignorant type, I can assure you that Angela Baby does not You have plastic surgery. Sometimes, she does not make the makeup really the same as the old photos.

On the 24th anniversary of his girlfriend, Huang Xiaoming covered the lobby of a large hotel and decorated with flowers and balloons.

In addition, he is also romantic with 999 heart-shaped flowers meaning: This life will always love you!

Angela Baby, also majestic for 25 years with a gift from the young Lamborghini sports car for $ 200,000 (equivalent to more than 4 billion).

On his 26th anniversary, Huynh Xiaoming awarded him a mask of more than 500 million VND simply because his girlfriend was not cared for.

The list of expensive gifts Huynh Xiaoming donated to her long-standing girlfriend, the commitment ring of both valuing 575 million yuan (20 billion) is one of the most valuable Chinese engagement rings.

When he went to France for a wedding, the actor continued to give the promised a ring of 74 diamonds (in which the largest diamond weighs 5.53 carats worth a billion).

The moments in which the married couple is quite sweet "the end of the world".

As for Angela Baby, she does not give her boyfriend luxury gifts, but she always gives her absolute love, not even hesitated when Huynh Xiaoming claims to love Zhao Wei. She straightened: "Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming have a close friendship in recent years. It's a rare friendship in the entertainment industry today."

With her husband happily photographed with Zhao Wei.

Fans have not yet forgotten the expressive speech that Huynh Xiaoming sent to her husband on the wedding day: "The baby is the one I want to protect all my life. The way in which I went through so many obstacles, I promised to protect it, making the gloves hot. There are times when I am not glad that the rumors are not good, but from now on is with you, your husband. For him for 6 years with Baby, the love of two people always likes the beginning.

Even the strong man, had tears in his eyes while embracing his girlfriend: "Today I felt nervous and nervous. Besides his mother, he was never good at a girl like that. I want to give her this world, what she likes is what she likes. You will always be the princess of my heart. I often say, later I have to do. I can only say that I was spoiled. Only then, another person can steal from me. "

Huang Xiaoming is really a living language dictionary that always gives the person who loves the beautiful and romantic words that overcome the movie. The most memorable speech he gave to his wife was: "I love you all my life, whether this day or any other day, anyone can not stop this reality. Until the end of the earth, the heavenly place will always love it. In return, Angela Baby is also very sweet: "Whenever I am tired or dissatisfied with life, whenever I am on the road, we always support you. I always go with you and your success is my dream. I think I chose the right."

From "near the same house", Huang Xiaoming is the most spoiled woman ever. Despite his busy work, Huang Xiao Ming has the habit of taking his wife to work every free time.

These images make the FA "miserable" not?

Remember, on the anniversary of the wedding day, the two celebrated with a simple BBQ in the film Tuong They are very happy and happy.

On the second anniversary of the wedding day, Huynh Xiaoming published photos of roast beef and cat cake with romantic messages: "Send Baby, celebrate the second anniversary! I love you, Xiao Ming.

Huang Xiaoming exploded crying on television as she counted the difficult birth of Angela Baby, confessed: "My wife gave birth to the baby, I really love her instead."

Last year, Angela Baby uploaded a photo of her birthday with her message: "Happy birthday, my darling. As you say, we are new and happy."

Sharing the secret of being happy, Huynh Xiaoming once said: "Learning to ask forgiveness is one of the keys to a long-term marriage." When we could not find work, we always send text messages or call by phone. We created a conversation group that included me, Angelababy And the parents on both sides, then they all share the interesting things of the day.

She is a rich couple, but sometimes her love is as simple as the others.

The most important thing is that they are twelve each other at all times. This is what makes people angry when looking at it.

Looking back at the almost perfect love story of this marriage, fanatics are not surprised, they regret receiving information that the couple has disclosed. But for the moment there is nothing clear, so fans of the couple only pray for things not as rumors.

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