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Phan Sao Nam admits the "money laundering"

This afternoon (16/11), the Phu Tho People's Provincial Court continues to open the first case trial "Trillions of billion. At the hearing this afternoon, the panel required the accused Hoang Trong Van (SN 1982, in the city of Ho Chi Minh) who reported to clear the behavior of "illegal buying and selling."

Scenes of the trial.

Scenes of the trial.

According to the prosecution, Phan Van Nam, Director of VTC Online, asked Mr. Huynh Trong Van to deal with the source of money for VTC online and Nam Viet Company signing a lease agreement for ODS. Based on the contract, the ODS company issued 14 value-added accounts to VTC online and 22 accounts to Nam Viet Company with the total amount of more than 85 billion VND. After ODS Company received a VAT invoice and received money from Nam Viet Company and VTC Online, Huynh Trong Van withdrew the Company's money directly and sent Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuy – Accountant of the company. ODS pays for the personal account of Vu Ha Phuong: it controls the accounting company Nam Viet to spend under the direction of Phan Sao Nam. ODS has earned more than 7,800 million pesetas from the sale of VAT invoices.

However, in court this afternoon, defendant Van said the real value of the ODS company was profitable in the contract is 116 million, because the company has gone through Nam Viet Company and VTC Online server 7, 6 million. This is the amount of the illegal transaction, so the ODS company has paid 116 million to overcome the consequences.

Defender Phan Sao Nam (left) and Huynh Trong Van.

Defender Phan Sao Nam (left) and Huynh Trong Van.

Then, the representative of the attorney issued a document that shows that the ODS company benefited unfairly. In particular, Huynh Trong Van sold Nam Viet Company 22 value-added bills with a total turnover of 80 million VND and sold 14 invoices of VAT to VTC Online with a turnover of 5 million VND. They are recalling the account and transforming Vu Ha Phuong 78 million, the remaining ODS company benefits more than 7.8 billion.

The accused Van continued explaining the amount of money, but the prosecutor's representatives said they would continue to discuss in the litigation.

The prosecution affirms that the conduct of Huynh Trong Van constitutes the crime of "illegal negotiation of invoices" stipulated in the point d, dd, point 2, article 203 of Penal Code 2015, modified and complemented. 2017.

Next, the panel asked the defendant Phan Sao Nam to report (this is the first time that defendant Nam has been on the podium since court opening, from November 12 to date), the accused Nam responds in a calm way with questions from the panel.

He confirmed that Van's claims about the sale of illegal bills are true. In addition, the Panel asked Nam another brief information, but Nam said he did not remember, then on the site of the accused.

According to the conclusion of the investigation 829 / ANĐT dated on the 18/7/2018 of the Phu Tho Police Security Research Agency on the case, the defendant Phan Sao Nam (ex-president of VTC on-line), Nguyen Van Duong (former president of the Board of Directors of High Tech Security Investment Development Co., Ltd.) and the co-founders took advantage of high technology, organized 25 "Level 1" agents, almost 6,000 "level 2 agents" 43 million registered online games account accounts chance in the form of card game RikVip / Tip.Club, gross income of more than 9,800 million euros, causing serious consequences.

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