Wednesday , January 27 2021

Provide some solutions to the difficulties of investment, construction and urban management

(HNMO) – Tomorrow 6-11, in Hanoi, the People's Committee of Hanoi and the Ministry of Construction held a working session on the state management of investment in capital construction. Urban development and management in Hanoi and some proposals and proposals to eliminate the obstacles in the implementation. Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee of Hanoi, Nguyen Duc Chung and member of the Central Committee of the Party, the Minister of Construction, Pham Hong Ha, co-chair of the conference.

In the conference, the director of the building department of Hanoi Le Van Duc reported basic information on the results obtained in the last 10 months. Consequently, the post-licensing post-licensing and construction license continues to accelerate. The construction license term is reduced to 10 business days.

The city also plans to renew 28 new apartment buildings. The system of important routes continues to be invested and updated. April -2018, the city began the ring road 2 high, from the bridge of Vinh Tuy to Crossroad.

At the same time, drive the interested units to accelerate the roadway improvement project # 3, the road to Pham Van Dong … The management, maintenance and planting of new trees, the development of parks, Grass Carpet is interested in the investment. In October of -2018, the city planted more than 387,100 trees, which raised the total number of trees planted to 927,800 trees, reaching 92.7% of the program's goal to plant 1 million trees.

At the meeting, the Popular People's Committee also mentioned some difficulties and obstacles in the application of legal provisions related to planning; the management and use of communities, the arrangement mechanism of commercial homes for resettlement …

At the same time, the Popular People's Committee issued several recommendations to the Ministry of Construction to consider modifications such as: Specification% of results of the consultation community; The fulfillment of the accounts of the investor is being used for projects that donate funds for maintenance.

Hanoi also allowed the city to study the promulgation of a specific mechanism to eliminate difficulties and obstacles in the regulations related to the renovation policy, the construction of new apartment buildings, the table …

Speaking at the meeting, the construction minister, Pham Hong Ha, expressed the impression of the rapid development of the capital over time. In the rapid development process, difficulties arise for its implementation.

Through the instructions of the City Party Committee, the People's Council Resolution, the Popular People's Committee, Hanoi can clearly see the difficulties and have an exhaustive evaluation of the problems. According to the minister Pham Hong Ha, Hanoi is a special city so that it can not deal with problems like other locations. Therefore, the level of decentralization and decentralization must be superior to that of localities.

Regarding the recommendations formulated by Hanoi, the minister values ​​the proposals, which are based on the fact that they will cooperate with Hanoi to find solutions to solve the problem. It is convenient for Hanoi to build, manage and develop the city. At the same time, in November of -2018, the Ministry of Construction will respond to the suggestions of Hanoi.

Speaking at the meeting, the chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee, Nguyen Duc Chung, said that, through the comments of delegates, there were many problems about the discussion. On these subjects, the city assigned the unit, they have specific plans. In this way, instruct the Ministry to complete the content.

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