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Rapper Binz shows his exotic girlfriend – Super sexy radio, tattoo model 1 million followers

Speaking of underground rappers, nobody is known by Binz. It has a soft voice, rap and unique compositions that are not less easy to listen to, Binz gets a lot of love from fans. Information related to the story of the rapper's love also often draws attention to the MXH.

Not so long ago, there was a suspicion that Binz was dating the rich girl of Jolie Nguyen, since both have a lot of intimate photos together, however, Internet users have not confirmed anything. This

For a time, recently, on his personal page, Binz himself has published a photo with an unknown person. Based on the act of "love tank", the two speculated that this is probably the "musa" of the male rapper and the fanatics of the girl only have sad tears.

Dating rumors dating from Jolie Nguyen, but this girl is the person who posted Binz's posts on the personal page.

The image of both loves the girl fan crying because now the male rapper has dominated

Because Binz is not afraid to tag the Facebook girlfriend so that surfers have been able to get the information. Binz's girlfriend Cassie Trinh Vo, born in 1996, lives and works in San Francisco, California, EE. UU.

Cassie was born in Vietnam. It has two Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese blood lines. When a family moved to the United States from the middle school, Cassie spent time in Los Angeles before settling in San Francisco.

The bride of Binz is Cassie Trinh Vo, a tattoo artist in San Francisco

He started his modeling career in 2015 and is currently the official tattoo artist for Inked Magazine. The name Cassie used was Cassie V. Cassie's fanpage earned 600 thousand hits, while her tracking number reached more than one million.

It's easy to see Binz's "girlfriend's gossip", which looks very beautiful and a very hot body. Bringing the blood flowing back to live a long time abroad should see Cassie very modern. The brown skin is healthy, the mouth is the same Miss Miss Beauty and the three attractive rounds of Cassie make people unable to get their eyes.

Cassie is a Vietnamese – Taiwanese

Cassie owns the West face with strange beauty

Hot body "burns the eyes" of the bride of Binz

See more of Cassie's photos!

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