Thursday , November 21 2019
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Results U19 HAGL vs. Dong Nai: Outstanding Class

In the Ninth phase of Group C that qualified for the U19 National, U19 Hoang Anh Gia Lai received Dong Nai U19. Doan Nguyen Duc Mountain team boss unexpectedly attended the public to help young players of the 4th year JMG compete with maximum determination.

With excellent qualifications, the young players of the German team played overwhelmingly in Dong Nai U19 during the 90 minutes of the encounter. U19 Team Mountain Street easily scored 5 goals and won 3 points.

The U19 HAGL is demonstrating its absolute strength in the National U19 C Group by overcoming the table with 25 points, winning 8 wins and 1 draw after 9 matches. The coaching students Guillaume Graechen are scoring 34 goals, with only 3 goals.

HAGL 4 course is considered the outstanding talent of HAGL JMG. Even, Bau Duc also spoke to assess that the 4th year will be developed more than the first year. HAGL Chief shared: "JMG's assessment report said that the 4th year is very special. This group has many good players than Cong Phuong."

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