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Russia presents Southeast Asian helicopters, comes from Vietnam – DVO

Russia owned Dong Nam A, exported from Vietnam

Russia is the world's best manufacturer of helicopters

Russia opens a demonstration tour of helicopters in Southeast Asia

The Russian helicopter, a member of the state corporation of Rostec, has begun introducing new Russian civil helicopters in the Southeast Asian market. The promotion will take place in the form of a "demo tour" in four countries of the region, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

During this tour, potential clients from Southeast Asia will be presented to the lightweight Mi-171A2 and Ansat helicopters. Both planes arrived in Hanoi. On November 16, there will be a performance flight at the Gia Lam airport.

Russian chief executive Andrei Boginsky said the tour is one of the most popular Russian promotions in the world market in order to increase the market share of the aircraft. Russia in Southeast Asia.

Russian helicopters faced the task of getting Russian military helicopters abroad and increasing the presence of civilian aircraft, he said. The main priority for the Russian helicopter is to increase the market share of Russian helicopter technology in the world through new regional markets and consolidate existing locations.

With South East Asia, the company has a reliable partnership. The Russian helicopter hopes to demonstrate that the capacities of the Mi-171A2 and Ansat will allow not only negotiations with potential clients, but also a contract for these products.

Russia owned Dong Nam A, exported from Vietnam

The Mi-171A2 is the latest version of the legendary Mi-8/17 helicopter

The idea of ​​introducing the Russian helicopter was supported by Rostec State Corporation.

The industrial director of Rostec Airport Anatoly Serdyukov said that Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, has become an important strategic area for Rostec. The current level of relationship and trust with our Vietnamese partners allows Rostec to believe in the possibility of expanding and improving cooperation in the implementation of new joint ventures.

Anatoly Serdyukov hopes that the demonstration of helicopters in Russia will be the starting point to bring the relationship between Russia and Vietnam to the next level.

The importance of the helicopter market in Vietnam

According to the Russian helicopter officer, it is not accidental that the first point of the route is Vietnam.

The capital of Hanoi was chosen as the first stop not only for its favorable geographical location on the demo tour, but also because it is a traditional Russian helicopter technology customer. .

According to Andrei Boginsky, the helicopters of my brand are so familiar to the Vietnamese operators, the huge fleet of helicopters in Vietnam.

Russia owned Dong Nam A, exported from Vietnam

New generation of Russian helicopters VK-2500PS-03

At present, there are about 30 civil helicopters in Vietnam from the Soviet Union. These helicopters are being used primarily to transport workers to offshore oil rigs for VietsovPetro oil and gas exploration and production activities.

But now, Hanoi faces the urgent need to renew the fleet; Therefore, the Russian market is a very attractive and promising development, reason why the Russian Helicopter plans to present details of new products.

Recently, the Ansat helicopter was introduced to Vietsovpetro and its flight services company. They show interest in the aircraft as a helicopter that takes the VIP passengers.

In Vietnam, there is a fully equipped center for the repair and maintenance of Soviet and Russian helicopters, of which 21% belong to the Russian company Helicopter.

Russian Helicopter Company is ready to provide the Vietnamese parties with the new real guarantee. The establishment of this center opened the possibility of maintenance and revision of Mi-8/17 helicopters from other countries of the region such as Indonesia, Malaysia.

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