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Saigon women "bao" boy love received pain

During the work, the detective Nguyen Trong Dai (SN 1978, city of Ho Chi Minh) received a profile of foreigner.

About eight months ago, Mr. Pierre (SN 1973, France) asked Nguyen Thi Dung (SN 1977), a Vietnamese friend, who would bring a dossier to call the Dai detectives office. The French man wants the male detective to discover information about his wife is in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

Consequently, Pierre is doing retail business in France. He is acquainted with a Vietnamese girl named Tran Phuong Mai (SN 1980) when he worked as a child here.

It never looks very nice, but in return it is a working woman, growing up for the family. Then Pierre found his love and affection. After that, they lived together for almost a year but did not have children. The couple lives happily.

However, it is Mai who is the starting point of the suspicion that Pierre should hire a detective tracking.

Photo: VietNamNet

Photo: VietNamNet

Taking the reasons away from home for a long time, Mai has requested permission from her husband to visit her family. So Pierre did not even think and agreed immediately. But before returning, Mai hid Pierre to send a large amount of money to Vietnam.

The husband and wife separated a while after he remembered his wife, Pierre returned to France. However, several times for several reasons, Mai never will return.

Suspecting Mai, Pierre plans to fly to Vietnam to visit and learn about his wife. However, Pierre's business was dark throughout the day, so he could not organize his time in Vietnam.

Finally, the truth is also revealed about the wife of the French man. Dai shared, it must be quite difficult to access Mai accommodation in the city of Ho Chi Minh. After discovering it, it was known that when he was flying from France, Mai used his husband's money to buy an apartment in District 9 (HCMC).

But more than Mai is just visiting his parents and relatives for a few days. Later, Mai met with his ex-lover. This man has a wife and children for that sometimes, just visit the Mai apartment to "revise" the old love.

I do not understand why, a while later, Mai goes to this old love. Later, she continued "raising" another foreigner for the amount of husband who was provided.

For a long time in Vietnam, Mai was supported by Pierre a large amount of money because he thought that Mai is visiting his family and staying there longer. All this information, Mr. Dai provided his dung. As a result, Ms Dung was immediately transferred to Pierre.

Sharing with him, said Mrs. Dung, the truth about Mai Pierre is quite shocking. Because he dedicated all his love and confidence to Mai. And yet, Mai only used it to earn a large amount of money. From there, he went out to treat the outside world.

As soon as he learned this, Pierre cut off the contact and stopped serving Mai. Your love affair must also put a stop sign for two couples not registered in France.

Brother said that, through the words of his manure, Dai said that Pierre loved Mai and always gave him the best conditions. But Mai never appreciated the feelings of this foreigner by himself.

* The name of the character has changed

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