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Teaching 14-year-old: "Education on pressure"

On November 16th, at the conference of Pressure of the labor force of Vietnamese professors today by Duong Thi Phuong Thao (Mac Dinh Chi Secondary School, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi), impressed by the true job exchange.

On November 19, three years ago, while all colleagues were retired to celebrate the ceremony, he had to remain in school for more than 19 hours to decorate the classroom, instructing some key students preparing for the exam. Good city level teacher two days later. "It was my daughter's first anniversary today, I cried, I never felt the tragedy again, the pressure was like this," the professor began the story.

Every year secondary school teachers face dozens of exams, ranging from professional to amateur competition, such as the law examination, transportation, union … The teacher also has to guide students to take the test to pay the destination

Professor Duong Thi Phuong Thao (Mac Denh Chi Secondary School, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) shared occupational pressure. Image: Quynh Trang.

Professor Duong Thi Phuong Thao (Mac Denh Chi Secondary School, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) shared occupational pressure. Photo: Quỳnh Trang.

The greatest fear of any teacher is the good teacher's exam, the test. In the contest of a good city level teacher, Thao attended 3 years ago, from the district level, had to prepare for a month, go to school to study at school. Due to stress, when entering the competition, teachers are happy to say "prepare to break".

The second pressure was directed by Professor Thao from the students' examination, especially enrollment at Hanoi's 10th grade high school. As the teacher of the 9 year old, Ms. Thao and many colleagues have to take on the task of how all the students of the class pass the exam, passing an aspiration. Registration in class 10 is an important criterion for classifying the quality of school education. If they do not meet the objectives, they will be evaluated by the school and colleagues.

"We are very stressed because the program is over, the type of exam in Hanoi is typical. Today, on average, 3 times a week, I have to stay in school for students until 7pm to return home. We have no other way, just to do the school performance, "said the professor.

The third pressure is very heavy, according to the teachers of the Mac Dinh Chi Secondary Institute (Hanoi) there is a salary. Thao has been practicing since 2004, but could not work until the end of 2009. So far, after 14 years of work, his monthly salary is 4,754,000. "In a capital, big city like Hanoi, how much money do I have to live?", Professor of Urgent.

Thao said, this morning a colleague is a history professor with eight years of experience, won a good teacher's degree at the county level, went to Japan to … labor exportation. The colleague was passionate about the work, but before too many inadequacies, the pressure of work, especially salary, had to leave the profession, away from work to work. The salary of 4.1 million VND after 8 years of work can not be enough for the teacher to pay for rent, care of family life. Many other teachers because of the burden of rice money can not concentrate on teaching, but on the day of online sale.

"Because we have to copy up to 80 pages of the manual, while all lists, student records, primary information is on the computer. You have to do laborious and laborious work, which is very ridiculous, which lasts for years. year, "asked the professor. The problem of intensive education, the number of lessons per week, the ambiguity of the new educational program … Thao is also the weight of teachers. "Wish us," he said.

The interchange of races and the desire to reduce the load to its teacher Duong Thi Phuong Thao lasted 20 minutes, more than four times the time of the prescribed workshop for a speech. However, the chair and nobody else wanted to interrupt it. In contrast, after sharing, the applause sounded, thank you very much to the teacher devoted to enthusiasm.

Other 15 presentations of specialists and educational administrators also cause a lot of pressure on the teaching profession, such as requesting information technology knowledge, innovative teaching methods, obedient students, parents or Complaints and information on social networks …

The Associate Professor of Ba Truong (Director of the Institute for Research and Development) shared the pressure of the current teaching profession. Image: Quynh Trang.

The Associate Professor to Ba Truong (Director of Research Development in Education) shared the pressure of the current teaching profession. Photo: Quỳnh Trang.

"There has never been so much tumult in education, all the pressure exerted on the professors;" The salary of the professors is not equal to the salary of a motorcycle driver ";" The current occupation of many jobs and pressure "… are the words of Dr. Nguyen Tung Lam (President of the Association of Educational Psychology of Hanoi), Associate Professor at Ba Truong (Director of Research and Education for Development), Professor Le Son (ex vice president of Vietnam Scientific Education) exclaimed.

"At least half of the teachers do not want to be teaching anymore, and they are lamenting the choice of professional education, because they can not overcome the real shock of secondary education. Too much pressure for professional work," Dr. Pham Thi Kim Anh (Hanoi University of Pedagogy) led the topic of research results Solutions to reform the training and promotion of secondary school teachers. She said the need to improve the quality of education and make her lie in education, to help teachers reduce pressure, overcome the current "bad".

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