Saturday , April 17 2021

Thailand doctors become fever because of beauty like angels

Thailand's team impressed when he defeated East Timor in the match with a score of 7-0. In particular, the Adisak star has been mentioned enough in recent days by scoring up to 6 goals.

Doctor of the Thai team Sirin Triwutpipatkul

Doctor of the Thai team Sirin Triwutpipatkul

However, in recent days, cybercafe has paid special attention to the Thai female physician Sirin Triwutpipatkul for her angelic beauty. He has been referred by the media such as doctor Li and his fanatics.

Recently, Fox Sports interviewed this handsome doctor. In her, she revealed that there was a special passion for football. Lionel Messi is the icon of the doctor of 27 years.

Social media comment praises the beauty of Thai doctors

Social media comment praises the beauty of Thai doctors

In addition, "Dr. Li" also shared one of the most difficult injuries he suffered. It was the injury of Akeem Humphrey in a friendly encounter between Thailand and Trinidad and Tobago. At the same time, the visiting team disembarked incorrectly after a collision with Thitipan Puangchan. At that time, the "doctor Li" worried about the player of Akeem Humphrey had problems in the old one. He proceeded with first aid before approaching the player to the hospital. Fortunately, Trinidad and Tobago players only suffered minor injuries.

He also revealed that his passion for football motivated him to work for the Thai team. After training more FIFA training, they improved their abilities.

Finally, this precious female doctor predicted that Thailand wins Indonesia in the next game.

Admire the beauty of doctor doctor Sirin Triwutpipatkul:


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