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The goalkeeper of the Premier League helped the Philippines defeat Singapore in the AFF 2018 Cup

Philippines 1-0 Singapore | Highlights panel AFF Cup 2018

With the advantage of home, the Philippines played a little more than the opponent in the first 10 minutes of the match. His style of fast-paced game caused enough problem for Singapore.

However, the first opportunity to score again belongs to Singapore. After 16 minutes, Ikhsan Fandi struck the crossbar, a few meters away from Neil Etheridge. 2 minutes later, even the 20th star of Singapore turned the Philippine fanatics to the heart with a free absence to the ball to lose the narrow column.

With little time of preparation, the technician Sven-Goran Eriksson could not help the Philippine players to give shape. They controlled the ball better than the opponent but were completely "harmless" in situations close to the penalty area. The Singapore attack was similar when the cross-hairstyle game was ineffective because Etheridge arrived very well.

The Premier League Premiership helps the Philippines defeat Singapore in the 2018 AFF Cup - Photo 2.

There are not many opportunities in both teams created in the past game.

The first 45 minutes of professional quality are not high, the most outstanding situation is the ball phase that the player Luke Woodland of the Philippines must receive. He could not keep playing and had to accommodate Daisuke Sato.

Wait until 50 minutes, followers of the new local team had the opportunity to relieve the remains of the dangerous shooting of Phil Younghusband. After this situation, the players of the Philippines suddenly pushed the speed of the game. 63 minutes, without the excellence of Hassan Sunny, Singapore lost the first table in this year's tournament.

The match was reduced due to the injury of Singapore players. In particular, the most unfortunate case was Shahril Ishak, the new player was in the field but had to leave with a waiter shortly thereafter.

When the speed of the game was not so fast, Filipinos jumped suddenly to the lead in minute 78. The defense played very well in the first half of the unstoppable effort of Singapore to go to the wood and definitely by Patrick Reichelt.

For the rest of the time, the local team generated many opportunities to increase the difference but was lost. The 1-0 lead is in favor of the Philippines.

Premier League goalkeeper helped the Philippines defeat Singapore in 2018 AFF Cup - Photo 3.

Statistics after the game.

The Premier League British goalkeeper helped the Philippines defeat Singapore in the 2018 AFF Cup - Photo 4.

Group B representatives after the series on November 13.

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