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The ideas of Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hằng, Minh Hang excuse-Fashion

Monday, 11/12/2018 00:19 (GMT + 7)

Vo Hoang Yen to continue proving the loss to bid farewell to Tuyet Nhu.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh They were ideas ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 1

The tension between the three teams is not over.

In the main challenge of volume 6 The Face Vietnam (TFVN) of 2018, the change in the construction of Thanh Hang causes that Vo Hoang Yen suspects that the brothers "imitan" their way of direction. The group's challenge order in this week's episode was randomly organized, not based on Master Class earnings. Team Vo Hoang Yen is the first team to face the challenge, followed by Thanh Hang and Minh Hang.

After the coach Vo Hoang Yen, trainer Thanh Hang changed in the context of Le Nam. The coach asked the competitor to answer a further question: "Real tea, or real milk" in his performance. It is noteworthy that during the period when the contestant himself made the previous challenge without the intervention of the coach, Le Nam did not use this line until Thanh Hang entered the tutorial. This accidentally coincides with the performance of contestants Tuan Kiet on the Vo Hoang Yen team done before.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh They were ideas ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 2

Patterns during continuous recording arise.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hieu ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 3

Thanh Hang is always calm before all situations.

And of course, Vo Hoang Yen said:I do not know if it is a coincidence or not, but when the new change from Ms Chang is difficult to think. On the other hand, it can be seen that Thanh Hang changed enough of his arrangements when he entered the set. From the set, the line to the performance of the contestants, Thanh Hang has the adjustment compared to the practice. Thanh Hang said that this is the flexibility, the change to adapt it to the situation in the field. The only way to make "imitation" is just the privileged information, but it can be seen after the concurrent between each other, between Thanh Hang and Vo Hoang Yen, it seems that hard frictions begin to exist. .

On the side of Minh will hang the gross amount left in the middle of the previous episode, this time before entering the main challenge, Minh Hang actively asked his sister Thanh Hang with Vo Hoang Yen. The coach also explains the reasons for his actions more clearly. Minh Hang displeased with the organizers while taking the United States to the room, accidentally let him see Thanh Hang, but now "Mrs. Dai" should be present in his team room, not in the room. Great, where you can see the path to the field.

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hanh ideas ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 4

The story is simpler and easier when Minh Hang apologized to her sister when she came out voluntarily in the middle.

The video captures the moment when Minh Hang left the recording.

Minh Hang does not blame Thanh Hang, just because the production crew is not careful and can not control emotions on their own because the incident is not worth it. Although Minh Hang did not blame his sister, Thanh Hang felt Minh Hang's own act expressing suspicion and guilt over her. This made Thanh Hang feel confused by the emotions of the sisters between the two. On the other hand, Thanh Hang thinks that the voluntary rest of Minh Hang causes that the equipment waits for an act little professional, and is difficult that Minh Hang makes an example for its students. Appeals to the apology of Minh Hang, but Thanh Hang still expressed a cold attitude: "Everything happened to be there, slowly settling down"As a privileged information, but perhaps less involved, Vo Hoang Yen responded calmly:It's ok " and comments to Minh Hang: "Hang is right!"

Vo Hoang Yen Thanh Hanh ideas ideas, Minh Hang apologize - 5

Minh Hang resolved persuasive conflict and caused his sister no longer to blame.

Minh Hang, Thanh Hang has not named both internal medicine on television

In episode 5 of The Face, the Hangman couple continues to burn their eyes with ultra-thin outfits.

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