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The nicest MC from VTV sexy girl over hot girl

(Dan Viet) In the projection of "witch" Johnny Depp, MC Bach Lan Phuong was noticed.

Pretty girl pretty girl pretty girl pretty girl

On the evening of November 15th, the Vietnamese study party was the show "The Mysterious Creature: Crime of Grindelwald." MC is VTV's most beautiful television station – Bach Lan Phuong featured with black skirt on the open chest, showing sexy.

Pretty Girl Sexy Girl Sexy Girl Hot Girl Hot Girl 2

The MC of VTV has appeared the whole scene of the hot girl in the premiere due to the beauty of nature. In addition to everyday life, Bach Lan Phuong chooses a sexy style.

Cute sexy girl Sexy sexy girl Cute sexy girl 3

Costumes to help women in the form of many jealous people.

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Choosing the dark-colored party, Diem Hang's girl from "Anh's Gold Diaries" reveals that body defects are gaining weight.

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The hot girl, actress Huong Giang, "Living with her husband's mother", chooses the personality vest style.

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Hot girl A simple Japanese with white shirt and jeans.

Beautiful sexy girl beautiful beautiful girl beautiful hot girl 7

Thanh Your actor has just played a successful role in "Immortal." I did not miss the opportunity to "catch the witch Johnny Depp" in this new job.

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Duong Thuy Linh chose a secret black dress for the movies.

beautiful girl sexy girl sexy girl hot girl hot girl 9

The runner Thuy Van chose two whites and blacks to join the magic family festival.

Beautiful sexy girl sexy beautiful girl sexy beautiful sexy girl 10

Meanwhile, Miss Phan Hoang Thu chooses sexy short dress.

beautiful girl sexy girl sexy girl hot girl hot girl 11

Duc Bao's wife went to the movies.

pretty girl sexy girl sexy girl sexy sexy girl 12

Hot boy Binh An emotional debut on the screen of Harry Potter's magic world stage. Because this is the movie that revolves around the confrontation between dark wizards and Professor Dumbledore – Newt Scamander.

Beautiful girl with beautiful eyes. Beautiful girl with beautiful eyes

Hoang Nam of Sweet Band was also present at the premiere outside of Hanoi.

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