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The police officer demanded "to eliminate the map, to choose the location time"

Friday, 11/16/2018 12:05 (GMT + 7)

Responded to the people, responded, the important police asked "as the bottom side, choose the location time."

Clip: People react, the important police asked "as the bottom side, choose the location time"

In the social network, a clips recording scene has appeared, street protection on the scene to protect and dismantle a home near a home, then move on to the owner. At the climax of the incident, a person using a police uniform with the head of the captain asked: "I like to take off, choose the time of location".

According to the owner of the video clip, the incident occurred in Tan Phu Ward (District 9, HCMC). Thus, when the police, the protection of people on the street in a local population of service, the response of the landlord.

The police wanted

Image of the police incident with the landlord

Vu Thi Thu Ha, chairman of the People's Committee of Tan Phu Ward, District 9, said the incident occurred on the morning of 14/11 when the delegation of the People's Committee and the Tan Phu Police departed to neighborhood 5 to eliminate near a house that it causes the passage of other families. Here, the team swore by the group.

"I was directly involved in the direction of dismantling work and the team was strongly opposed by the families in question. These people have vulgar words, shaken thus in a lack of moderation, police officers have impatience words. House leaders recalled the police partner after the incident, "shared Mrs. Ha

Describe how

The police of police lieutenant CSGT Quy Nhon says they fall and do not "play."

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