Saturday , April 17 2021

The Secretary General congratulated the first 65 years of the Tien dynasty

On 11/16/2018, in Hanoi, a warm and friendly meeting was held on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of Tien Phong, the newspaper of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth League, with the participation of Thuan Huu – Central Committee of the UV Party, Deputy Director of the Central Committee of Communication and Education, Editor in Chief of the Popular Newspaper, President of the Association of Journalists of Vietnam; Mr. Le Quoc Phong – Central Committee of the UV Contingent Party, First Secretary of the Central Committee; leaders of ministries, branches, Hanoi, provinces, Central Committee; partners, collaborators and generations of Tien Phong journalists.

The Tien Phong newspaper issued the first issue on November 16, 1953 in the anti-French resistance in the North Vietnam War. Since then, the newspaper has accompanied young people and people in the fight for national liberation, the reunification of the Fatherland, the construction of socialism and the national renewal. The Tien Phong newspaper is a dynamic newspaper that adheres to the political, creative and daring of the information, standing out in the most prestigious newspapers and readers received. The newspaper is also an excellent organizer of social activities, volunteering, culture and sports.

With the achievements in development, the Tien Phong newspaper received independent medals first, second and third by the Party; First class, second (two), three. On the occasion of the first 65 years, the newspaper Tien Phong was awarded the third Labor Medal of the president for important achievements in the organization of social, cultural and sports activities in 2013. until 2018.

Particularly, on this occasion, the Secretary General and President Nguyen Phu Trong sent a letter to Tien Phong.

Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong wrote, in the last 65 years, the Tien Phong newspaper: the spokesman for the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth League has a position, especially important in the press system. Vietnamese Revolution In any stage of history, in the fight for national liberation or in the cause of national renewal and development, the newspaper has promoted its role as a pioneer, which is reflected in the struggle and construction. Build and guide the right ideology so that young people and people they solidify and serve the cause of the revolution.

In addition to actively participating in the propaganda of policies and policies of the Party and the State, the Tien Phong newspaper also participated actively in the reflection of the lively life of society, contributing to the discovery and multiplication. At the same time, it shows things that are not good or bad, errors in society, negative in life. The correct Party and State policy was spread quickly and vividly for young people. In this way the members are mobilized, the young people learn actively, they work and make great contributions to the cause of the construction and defense of the Mother country.

Permanent in the face of the new situation, the Than Phong newspaper must promote its role of shock, they really deserve to be the central body, the voice of the Central Youth Union, the youth forum of Vietnam. The newspaper should further improve the propaganda and education of revolutionary ideals, ethics and cultural life for the new generation, thus helping to help the youth of Vietnam on the revolutionary path that the Party and the people selected; Each union member, the young people created the spirit of pioneering spirit, solidarity, creativity, deserving of being the trustworthy team of the Party, the revolutionary revolutionary army.

"Newspapers must continue leading the struggle with the bad, the negative; Strengthen the resistance to the negativity, the negativity of opposing forces, Especially in social networks," avoid the pale Party, Dry Doan, far from politics, "stressed the Secretary General.

According to the Secretary General, the Tien Phong newspaper should promote the construction of the team, how to make officials, journalists should be clean, firm in terms of professionalism, professional experience, political stability, includes the position of the newspaper for young people – future owners of the country – to achieve in an excellent way the task entrusted by the Youth Union and its confidence in the country.


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