Saturday , April 17 2021

The taxi carrying 200 kg of artillery was blocked in the direction of Hanoi

The traffic police found a woman at Lang Son carrying 20 kilograms of fireworks and 200 kilograms of fireworks to Hanoi.

Approximately 20 kilograms of firecrackers were apprehended by the police.

Approximately 20 kilograms of firecrackers were apprehended by the police on the morning of November 16.

At 10 o'clock on November 16th, the patrol team of the team of control of the CSGT team n. 15, the Police Department of Hanoi is on patrol, the control of Vo Van Kiet – Vo Nguyen Giap (district of Soc Son), detection Taxis carrying Hanoi number plates of goods loaded in the car should signal to stop.

Throughout the inspection, the entire rear seat and the windshield were full of cardboard boxes with internal bags containing suspicious fireworks and fireworks.

The team temporarily took the car and took the car owner to the police station to clarify. Here, the task force has about 20 kilograms of firecrackers and almost 200 kilograms of fireworks. The woman carried the artillery at Lang Son, transporting consumer goods to Hanoi.

Almost 200 kilograms of fireworks are packed in boxes hidden in a taxi.

Approximately 200 kilograms of fireworks in cartons were discovered in a taxi on the morning of November 16.

Team No. 15 handed out material tests to the police station Kim Anh, Soc Son, to deal with the regulations.

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