Thursday , July 29 2021

The video truck crashed on two bridges the same day

Recently, a truck had bad luck in a day that hugged on two bridges in the city of Durham in northeastern England.

Through the street surveillance camera you can see, the driver of the truck did not pay attention to the signaling that limits the height of the bridge and the signaling lights when passing. Even so, the driver did not slow down when crossing the bridge and, as a result, the tank was destroyed by a steel rod that limited the height.

Based on the sound of the incident, one can see that it is a powerful collision.

Without stopping there, after retreating and driving in the other direction, the driver continued to collide with another 12-foot bridge (3.65m) above Chapel Hill St. However, no recording was recorded in the second block. But, in the video below, some photos taken from the truck appear.

CTV Hieu Nguyen / VOV.VN

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