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Truong Nam Thanh and his wife put the wedding party in a 5 star hotel

The actor prepared himself thoroughly for the wedding and invited his relatives in Saigon to Hanoi with his fun on 18/11.

A friend close to Truong Nam Thanh shared with Wedding card designed in simple style, 9X luxury actor. "Nam Thanh is very attentive, not only sending invitations, but also detailing the hours, accommodation and recommending everything necessary for guests from Saigon to Hanoi for the wedding." Truong Nam Thanh said.

Thong Thanh, marriage and business woman Thu Huyen.

The wedding of Truong Nam Thanh and the businesswoman Thu Huyen.

Invited friends from Saigon to Hanoi before resting a day, visiting the historical center, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ponte Huc … and enjoy the specialties of the capital. I did not forget to say to people: "The autumn here has 18 degrees of cold, there is rain of rain" to prepare warm clothes, in case of bad weather and "warnings" that their friends want to eat separately should be asked to avoid being " hacked ".

On November 18, at the Hotel Melia the ceremony of Truong Nam Thanh and her husband on Thu Huyen will be held. Knowing that the big day was busy, the actor booked a taxi, made a reservation to bring the Saigon delegation from the hotel to the place of the wedding. "From 5 pm on 11/18, people go together, celebrate Baby Thanh in the cage," friends of Truong Nam Thanh.

Before the wedding, actor 9X married the photography of his wife's wedding at a luxury resort in Da Nang. In July, when talking with, Truong Nam Thanh revealed that he had registered his wife Thu Huyen and moved to live in Hanoi for a long time. Although his wife is about to break the marriage and have separate children, Truong Nam Thanh continues to cultivate the family, support must be attributed to Thu Huyen. He does not deal with age differences.

Husband and wife Truong Nam Thanh.

Husband and wife Truong Nam Thanh.

"I think the old gap does not talk about anything in today's society," she says, "to support me in my current restaurant business. I'm happy with my choice and I know how to balance everything so that when I find myself growing up, I live calmly, more solid than before, "he said.

Truong Nam Thanh returned to publish, revealing a happy life with his wife of more age

Truong Nam Thanh is revealing happy

Truong Nam Thanh was born in 1991, won the title of King of the 3 at Manhunt International 2011, Runners in the Universe 2012. In addition to the modeling work, he is quite successful in the field of acting with the film Half love, heart of war, aggressor, adultery with wife, underground force

Truong Nam Thanh public relations with the eldest girlfriend Thu Huyen from mid 2017. On her personal page, she often shares the love image of two people with words of love: "If selected once I will still choose this woman , she is an integral part of my life. "

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