Sunday , April 11 2021

"Vietnam is under great pressure"

Tonight, the Vietnamese team will enter their first AFF Cup match 2018 against Malaysian opponents. With the strength of both teams, you can see, this will be the decisive battle for the ticket to go in table A.

Coach Antoine Hey said that Vietnam will be under pressure

Coach Antoine Hey said that Vietnam will be under pressure

Meanwhile, Myanmar "created the tigers" when he faced Laos. Myanmar midfielder Antoine Hey said on Wednesday that the Vietnamese national team would be under great pressure to play at My Dinh's home.

Speaking to the press, he said: "The first game in the field is always very difficult. Players will face terrible pressures from the stands. I had to face this when I was facing Cambodia. I am waiting for Vietnam to overcome pressure to face Malaysia.

In addition, the German coach trusts that his team can have 3 points against Laos. He added: "We will try to get the best results. We will play offensive and hope to get 3 points against Laos and continue the competition for the semifinals."

In the match, Myanmar comes to Cambodia by 4-1, despite the visitors ahead in the first half. If they win over Laos, they will have 6 points and they will be ready to host Vietnam. house floor on 11/20.


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