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Vietnam vs. Malaysia (0-0, 1st Week): updated | Sports

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National team of Vietnam: Van Hau, Xuan Truong, Quang Hai, Trong Hoang, Van Duc, Cong Phuong, Anh Duc.

The wheelchair fans of Nguyen Ba Ky at the My Dinh stadium so that they can observe the team's competition. Anh from Nghe An to Hanoi from 23 last night. Clip: Zing

Vietnam vs. Malaysia (0-0, 1. Half): current equipment updated - Photo 2Vietnamese fanatics are very excited about receiving the important meeting between Vietnam and Malaysia. Image: Duy Pham
Vietnam vs. Malaysia (0-0, 1st half): updated squad - photo 3Five hours before the ball rolled on My Dinh's field, hundreds of followers marched through some streets of Hanoi to "start".
Vietnam vs. Malaysia (0-0, 1st Week): Updated squadron - Photo 4After the parade, the delegates will arrive at My Dinh to prepare the adventure for teaching professor Hang Seo Park.
Vietnam vs. Malaysia (0-0, 1. Media): updated squad - photo 5 The crowd on the street.
In Group A of the AFF 2018 Cup, Malaysia and Myanmar are two main entries for the semi-final with Vietnam. Therefore, the reception of Malaysian players in the United States tonight is important for Professor Hang Hang Seo. If he can not win, Vietnam will be catched for the guests of Myanmar in the next round.

For now, Vietnam is being ranked higher than Malaysia. In the FIFA classifications, the Park Hang Seo team over the rivals of 67 seats (102 vs. 169). The red team also has the new talented team that is considered the new generation of gold. The highlight is the couple Nguyen Quang Hai and Nguyen Cong Phuong.

In the opposite direction, Malaysia does not have too many star names and too much dependence on the "General" Talaha. The 32-year-old scored three-quarters of the Malaysian tickets, including the double that helped them beat Laos in the last seven minutes of the match.

Of course, it's not like Vietnam's recruitment is allowed to be subjective. Remember that 4 years ago, our team lost 2-4 rivals in My Dinh and missed the AFF Cup 2014. In that tournament, Vietnam is also very high after winning 2-1 on the ground. But the red shirt defense error has broken the team in the first half and can not get up.

Therefore, the Park Hang Seo coach definitely must have a close orientation with the students to ensure that things do not go out of control. The Korean coach also had to change some positions in the team against a 3-0 win over Laos. In the battle of Laos, he used a team of radical attack because the opponent is too weak. But before Malaysia, Vietnam needs a better balance to beat the opponents.

Vietnam-Malaysia line

Vietnam vs. Malaysia (0-0, 1st. Media): updated squad - Figure 10

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