Tuesday , May 18 2021

Vietnam vs Malaysia – Cong Phuc Cong Phuong should have a red card for Malaysia & # 39;

VIDEO: Cong Phuong receives the elbow of the Malaysian player

The game was played at minute 72. At the corner of the camera, it seems that the attacker Cong Phuong was hit by the opponent in the face. However, because the referee is not in the position, there is no whistle. Notably, when the situation occurred, the referee was in front of him but he did not react either.

Commenting on the situation, Vietnam's veteran referee Doan Phu Tan has confirmed that Shahrul Saad deserves a red card directly due to the cold blow. In Zing.vn, he said: "It's a situation that runs out, so it can not be penalized for Vietnam's team, but a red card is exactly the maladministration of the Malaysian player."

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However, the senior referee and instructor of the AFC insisted that it was difficult to change the referee of chief referee Turki Mohammed Al-Khudhayr in this situation. Consequently, the referee in close proximity should be responsible for the situation without penalty.

After Malaysia's 2-0 defeat on the floor of My Dinh's house, Interior Minister Hang Seo's headquarters praised Nguyen Cong Phuong. However, in front of numerous Vietnamese journalists and international correspondents, the Korean coach was not too surprised about his performance.

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