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When doing vacations, for any reason, the first rule is not to defame the old company

80% of young people before age 30, at least once in their lives. The reasons are endless: because they do not adjust to the environment, because they want to work harder, because of the high salary, etc. In any case, it is not correct to stop working, but it would be very strange that you simply abandon your job, you are using the old saying of the bad company, the old colleagues or the old boss.

C. is the main character in the story I am telling you.

C. Work in a company, about 3 years. The experience also has many memories. Suddenly, for the most part, C. renounces finding a better way for himself. Yes, it is faster than one step, including quitting smoking. This point was temporarily evaluated as C. hour. E gHow it all ends here is so beautiful. An endless circle, but the tree is calm, someone wants the wind to blow. The character here, once again, is C.

Work for C. is an unstoppable heat (although she is a stalker). We are told that the old company does not appreciate their talents, or forcing it to grow. Then she began embroidering the 10,000-ton drama about how old the man was a fake man, about how brave he was. Then the old companion was a bad boy, friends, and not friends, in front of the false but pretended to laugh but when he crashed, nobody helped. In a radio of 10 people, I knew that nine people "heard" C about their tragic life, about the fate that led her to the point where she had to abandon her job.

At this point I wonder: What is the purpose of this presentation? Because it sounds negative.

When doing vacations, for any reason, the first rule is not a bad company - Image 1.

C. is in fact only one of the many young people who decide to leave with an unhealthy mind. And the consequence of this unhappiness is that he is born dissatisfied and resentful, followed by an effort to call the love of the public (that is, ourselves). Well, the need to share is not bad, but repeating a story with dozens of people in the first place, just prove they are free. He spent free time telling the curtain without attempting to revise his ability.

Do you have any deficiency, the next step that you will like? Never put yourself in a victim's position forever without reconsidering your self-expression in previous work to enter a work situation.

Spend time on gossip, this is a wrong calculation. Not to mention, it greatly reduces the beauty of your image to everyone.

When doing vacations, for any reason, the first rule is not a bad company - Image 2.

Have a rest, then the past "bing" in the past because it is difficult to say a bad company can not finally pave the way to help you return to the old company or make the mirror burst in good health? And, most importantly, when it is not released, it is injected with extreme drugs. Active people are always anxious, not those who always look past the past and then join people.

In a more remote aspect, this unnecessary virus, sometimes even viral, is your future.

When leaving work, for any reason, the first rule is not a bad company - Image 3.

What if you talk badly to the new employer? The language of the world, it also stars naked, you can not manage, should you think about it? Sometimes, just for a few minutes to say goodbye, accidentally scrub the rice bark with your own image later. Who wants to recruit a person, just open to fit the old story about the company before?

This is called the typical example of the saying: the mouth harms the body.

It is really hard to find someone who is joining a lifelong job. Going to work, then leaving work, is also natural law. So we simplify things thinking that good or bad work places us in the experience, to find out where we are, where we should move away. What was an invaluable experience, what does the stigma do, huh?

Respect the past, as well as respecting oneself.

When doing vacations, for any reason, the first rule is not a bad company - Image 4.

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