Friday , May 14 2021

Who also recognized the "baby strawberry" Confucius Quỳnh in a light now is "his Quynh" because of the separation

Confucius Quỳnh ignored the image "baby Strawberry", pretty little boy and moved to "his Quynh."

Born as a teen model, suddenly changed the direction of singing, Confucius Quỳnh also has many career achievements such as two-story buses, Wood Horse, Cold … Especially Strawberry's song duo with singer Thien Minh is the hit song to his most born in 1991. With the special charm that created this song, she was also the favorite favorite with the nickname "beautiful girl".

From the beginning to the next time, Confucius always keeps his image "cake", feminine, charming, above all, he likes colors such as pink, red, white, … with accessories such as melina, arco …

When compared to the young Corn Ngo Huyen, Khong Tu Quynh is still in the style of soft and beautiful sub-mix with Korean style and game.

After a long time of silence on the art road, the rumors of farewell of love for 8 years with Ngo Kien Huy make fanatics look back: "The stepmother's girl from where you do not get lost" for now Confucius was very different! Recently, she surprised the audience by the face that has different makeup, can not recognize with the floating body, stretch.

Apart from the charming, nho nho nho day, Confucius Quỳnh is now cold, sexy and hot flashes.

Not only the style, but the singer's face, became so strange that many questions about her cosmetic surgery appear.

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>> Late leave, the beauty of Confucius Quynh "descent" continuously, appearing with a strange face, rigid

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