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Who has the brightest future? – Football 24 hours

Saturday, April 13, 2019 00:06 AM (GMT + 7)

Xuan Truong is undergoing a tragedy in the shirt of Buriram Utd. Meanwhile, Cong Phuong and Dang Van Lam are making positive changes, although the results are not as satisfactory.

Xuan Truong's ball to Beijing FC:

Xuan Truong should go home?

Among the three stars of Vietnam Telegraph abroad in the new season, Xuan Truong is making the name with the highest risk of failure. In the Buriram United shirt, the player who takes the captaincy of Vietnam U23 won 2018 Asian runner-up 238 times with 6 consecutive matches without playing.

Van Lam, Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong came out: Who has the brightest future? - 1

Xuan Truong continued not to play

In the final match against Beijing FC, after the local team lost 3 goals, the new coach Bozidar Bandovic from Xuan Truong entered minute 79. Immediately, the original player Tuyen Quang had a one-touch assistive phase for teammates . public

Despite being impressive, many people still expressed their concern about the ability of Xuan Truong to compete for the main shoot in the next games with Buriram Utd.

From the beginning of the reign to the defending champion, Xuan Truong only played 3 games with a total time of 120 minutes. Among the games of Xuan Truong, the team did not win (draw 2, 1).

According to the Thai press, Xuan Truong will also have to sit for a long time with the shirt of Buriram Utd. If this happens, this could be considered an alarm for Xuan Truong only and for Vietnamese fans who are right to be more worried than ever.

Van Lam and Cong Phuong have many hopes

Contrary to the situation of Xuan Truong, Dang Van Lam was the person who played more than 3 Vietnamese players abroad. The statistics show that the first goalkeeper in Vietnam officially started in the first 7 games of Muangthong Utd in the new season.

Van Lam, Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong came out: Who has the brightest future? - 2

Cong Phuong got the main stone

However, despite being able to keep the game in the network 1 and there are many situations to save, Van Lam still can not help the team to avoid 5 losses with a total of 12 times on the net. The final defeat 1-3 before Nakhon Ratchashima made Muangthong Utd continue in 15/16 in the rankings of the 2019 Thai League and just over the last Suphanburi team thanks to the difference.

The bad performance of Muangthong Utd also surprised the Golden Temple press. Because "MU Thailand" has made a huge investment since the beginning of the season with quality names such as Dangda, Kraisorn, Aung Thu and not to mention the No. 1 goalkeeper in Vietnam Tel Dang Van Lam.

Van Lam's situation also made many people think of Phuong Phuong in the Incheon Utd club. Although there were two main parties in Incheon Utd, Cong Phuong did not leave any specific mark (not marked, not yet created).

Unfortunately, when the former HAGL striker is still busy printing the brand, Incheon Utd is struggling with consecutive losses. In the K-League rankings, Incheon Utd fell officially to the bottom of the table.

More miserable, Cong Phuong seems to be isolated from Incheon Utd. Although we always play with the best effort, the team does not like to go to the coach of Park Hang Seo in Vietnam.

Kh was asked about the action of Cong Phuong, coach Jorn Andersen acknowledged the enthusiasm of ex-player HAGL and said that Cong Phuong deserves the main kick. However, Cong Phuong still has to adapt to better circumstances to gain the absolute confidence of the whole team.

Taking advantage of the morning of the first round of the 2019 V-League: Tuan Anh covered Cong Phuong and Xuan Truong

The 2019 V-League opening round has also witnessed many unexpected results.

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