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You want to get to Real, Conte must "Rampage" Branches


You want to get to Real, Conte must
When coach Julen Lopetegui faced the risk of resignation, Captain Ramos asked if he had any doubts in this matter. "If they asked me, I would like to give an opinion," said the defender of 32 years. "But I do not think one of my ideas could affect such an important decision as the coach's term."
In a sense, this has been proven. Lopetegui was sacked after losing on the last Sunday the classic, despite his continued support from Ramos and other Spanish players in the Real.
However, Ramos did not cheat when he implied that he was one of the most influential people in the Santiago Bernabéu. More information is provided by Ramos against Antonio Conte instead of Lopetegui. He claims that the management of the dictatorship of the Italian coach is not suitable for the Real.

"You have to gain respect and not imposition," he said after losing 1-5 at the Camp Nou. "There are many trainers that helped us win the title and the ability to administer a manager's room more important than their knowledge."

Zidane gets the Real one when he knows the walls of Ramos

Zidane gets the Real when he knows the walls of Ramos

It's undeniable at the Bernabéu, where Zinedine Zidane likes to keep players comfortable, while Jose Mourinho always comes with watering. The Frenchman was brilliant because he gave the players the freedom he had enjoyed in the Galactic Games. In contrast, Mourinho faced the players and paid the price of creating too many enemies in the dressing room.

The position of Ramos is on the rise after substituting Casillas as team captain in 2015. For the Bernabéu in Seville 13 years ago, Ramos was in Madrid for more time than Perez and when the president wanted to stabilize the room. dressed, asked Ramos.

He is the real captain, both inside and outside the field, who negotiates the reward of the players with the governing council, which is the most important defense when playing against the opposing players and the opposing players. Communication If someone attacks Real, Ramos is the first to respond.

He is also the first player to receive new signings or the players of the academy are in the first team not only to receive them but also to tell them the meaning of playing Real.

Fans usually do not forgive Ramos. But he does not care. Even the best players can be booed and Ramos not only knows, but also admits the hard nature of the fans.

Mourinho failed because of the constant criticism of the players

Mourinho failed because of the constant criticism of the players

It is he who protects the fans when they criticize Cristiano Ronaldo. "I can understand why they whistled Christian," said the 32-year-old. They also whistled me, they whistled Manolo Sanchis, José Antonio Camacho, the fat Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, whistled.

Ramos always faced the pressure after a bad result. He also has a long argument with Gerard Pique on social networks. The March of Ramos has never been reduced, especially with Barcelona. But when choosing the new captain of Spain, Luis Enrique did not hesitate to call Ramos.

Ramos can be a "modern Cheung", but he is also willing to commit to the benefit of the team. You can object to Conte's appointment, but that does not mean that it will cause problems for the Italian coach. Previous coaches did not match Ramos, but he was determined to do everything possible to help them succeed.

It would be good to be in the same line, not your opponent. Antonio Conte should know this.

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