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Booter Boss interviewed in 2014 because of guilt – Krebs on Security

A 20-year-old man from Illinois has declared himself guilty of running several rental services from DDoS that have launched millions of attacks over several years. The indictment agreement comes almost exactly five years after KrebsOnSecurity interviewed the criminal and his father and urged him to have a more active interest in his son's online activities.

Sergiy P. Usatyuk from Orland Park, Ill. a conspiracy accountant was found guilty this week to cause damages to computers connected to the Internet and for their role in owning, administering and supporting illegal "booter" or "stresser" services aimed at eliminating websites offline, including exostress[.]in, quezstresser[.]com, betabooter[.]com, databooter[.]com, instabooter[.]com, polystron[.]com e zstress[.]network.

Some of the posts of Rasbora in hackforums[.]net before our call in 2014. Most of these have already been eliminated.

A press release from the Department of Justice of the U.S. UU. On the guilty statement says that Usatyuk – operating under the alias of the hacker "Andrew Quez"E"Brian Martinez"It has been admitted to develop, control and operate the abovementioned services mentioned above from August 2015 until November 2017. But the participation of Usatyuk in the rental space of DDoS is well before that period.

In February 2014, KrebsOnSecurity reached Usatyuk's father Peter Usatyuk, Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I did this because a brief amount of sleuthing in Hackforums[.]Net revealed that his son, then, of 15 years, Sergiy, who at the time passed through the nicknames "Rasbora"E"Mr. Booter Mestre"- I was very involved in helping to launch paralyzing DDoS attacks.

He called Usatyuk the elder because Sergiy's alter egos had published tests at Hackforums and other places that just arrived at with a 200 Gbps DDoS attack, which was then considered a rather dreadful attack by DDoS.

"I am writing after our telephone conversation only to confirm that you can call the night / weekend to talk to my son Sergio about his reasons," wrote Peter Usatyuk in an email to this author on February 13, 2014. "Eu you also have [a] Important concern, what are my 15 year old son [is] doing If you think that it is about any type of illegal work, please let me know. "

That story of 2014 refused to mention Rasbora by name because he was a minor, but his father seemed alarmed enough about my investigation that insisted that his son talk to me about the matter.

Here's what I wrote about Sergiy at the moment:

The latest Rasbora project has just met, keeping huge lists of "quality" servers that can be used to launch online amplification attacks. Despite his insistence that he has never launched DDoS attacks, Rasbora has eventually someone who reads his messages at Hackforums, could conclude that he was actively involved in the DDoS attacks to hire.

"I do not see that a wall of text can really talk about what someone does in real life," said Rasbora, whose real-life identity is being rejected because it is less. This response responded to my reading of several publications that he did in Hackforums not 24 hours earlier, which strongly suggested he was still in the business of calling offline sites: in a February 12 issue on a thread called "Hire a hit on a website "that Rasbora has already eliminated, he tells another Hackforums user," If all else fails and only wants it offline, ask me. "

Rasbora has tried to erase some of its most self-inflating publications in Hackforums, but maintains its firm challenge in saying that it does not have DDoS people. Who knows, maybe your father annoys and eliminate your Internet privileges.

I suppose the young Sergiy never had revoked his Internet privileges, nor paid heed to the advice to use his abilities for less destructive activities. His father hung up with me when I called on Wednesday night requesting comments.

Judicial documents (PDF) related to your case indicate that Sergiy Usatyuk and an unnamed conspirator earned almost $ 550,000 and launched about 3.8 million attacks through his various DDoS rental services. The government says that it executed the startup services through a Delaware corporation called "OkServers LLC, "Who routinely ignored complaints of abuse and, as such, operated effectively as a" bulletproof "hosting company, despite Sergiy's statements to the contrary.

Here is Sergiy's response to several complaints of abuse about OKServers filed in the summer of 2018 by Troy Mursch, head of research at Bad Packets LLC.

The guilt of Sergiy comes in the midst of a great deal of repression by the FBI and the Department of Justice in startup services and their operators. In December of 2018, the DOJ presented accusations against three men as part of an unprecedented international withdrawal aimed at 15 different starting sites.

According to the government, the use of booter and stresser services to carry out attacks is punishable under the two wire fault laws and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Law (18 USC § 1030) and may result in the detention and processing, apprehension of computers or other electronic devices, significant prison sentences and a penalty or fine.

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