Thursday , September 23 2021

First black hole to be photographed baptized as "Powehi"

The first black vote that was rendered was named "Powehi & # 39; by a Hawaiian professor Larry Kimura, who was tasked with work by astronomers involved in the project.

The revolutionary image of the black hole, which is at the center of a galaxy called Messier 87 to 54 million light-years away, was launched during six simultaneous news conferences on Wednesday.

& # 39; Powehi & # 39; is a Hawaiian phrase, which is rooted in Kumulipo, a Hawaiian song from the 18th century that describes a creation story, according to CNN.

Two terms of singing come together in the name – "Po", which means a deep dark source of endless creation and "Wehi", which is one of several ways & # 39; Po & # 39; described instead.

"It's amazing that we, like Hawaiians nowadays, are able to connect to a long-standing identity, as we sing in the 2,102 Kumulipo lines, and we bring this precious inheritance to our lives today," Kimura, a professor Said University of Hawaii.

"Having the privilege of giving a Hawaiian name to the first scientific confirmation of a black hole is very significant to me and to my Hawaiian line that comes from dust. I hope we are able to continue naming future black holes from Hawaiian astronomy according to Kumulipo" , he added.

Powehi's image, which has caused a "paradigm shift," shows a body similar to donuts, what the scientists say is the dark silhouette of the black hole against the hot and bright material that surrounds it. Shows the horizon of the event that is the limit between light and darkness around a black hole.

"This great scientific achievement marks a paradigm shift in our understanding of black holes, confirms the forecasts of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity and opens up new lines of research on our universe," the European Commission tweeted after the release of the image.

More than 200 scientists participated in the taking of the image, through the Horizon Telescope Event, in a project that spanned a decade.

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