Sunday , June 13 2021

It seems that Google Maps has tried flaws, speed trap reports

The Google Maps app shown on a Sony

Google Maps could make it easier to avoid delays by crowdsourcing of data about speed traps and traps.

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It seems that Google Maps works in a new way to avoid delays in browsing.

The new feature, which Digital Trends reported is currently testing for some Android Users, lets you report faults and speed traps.

The data provided by the public is used to warn other drivers or to offer alternative routes more efficient, as well as the data that is shown the Waze property application owned by Google.

They are selected for the test to see a new "+" report button at the bottom left of the Google Maps screen.

Google did not immediately respond to a comment request.

The company has been relentlessly adding features to Maps in recent weeks, allowing it follow the companies, offering More information about the displacement, the ability to control musical applications without closing Maps and adding group planning to avoid negotiating text message strings.

He even got a little scared for Halloween by Showing a collection of creepy screen shots.

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