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Kingdom Hearts 3 Analysis of Winnie The Pooh Trailer

Today at the XO18 event in Mexico City a new trailer has been shown Kingdom Hearts 3. In this trailer, the Hundred Acre Woods were first exhibited, we took a good look at the evil Baymax Big Hero 6, and there were all kinds of little winks and references.

The trailer began with a footage we saw before with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on the boat, one of the best-known scenes in the movie Entangled and Sora and Co sitting on a dock noting that all the paper lanterns rose. From that, we have to see Pooh and all his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. It seems that a new border effect was put on character models, at least for bottom shots, which helped the characters look more 2D in a 3D world. Shortly after seeing everyone clustered, then he started a Pooh first and the effect was immediately gone. This world will be full of minigames, as always it was inside Hearts of the Kingdom, and we came to see the cultivation minigame of the rabbit that had Sora shooting different fruits or flowers in a field that pushed other people out of the way to catch.

Although it was great to see everyone together again what comes next is the really juicy content for those interested in the continuation of Sora's history and we look forward to the next month of January so that we can finally involve what is now known like Saga Xehanort. I will be going through these in the order of the trailer and giving it an approach the time stamps in the trailer you can see what I am talking about. Of course, they will continue to be trailer images and some knowledge-based analyzes Hearts of the Kingdom. If you're not up to this point or do not want to know more about what a beautiful story trailer is, come back now.

kh 3 trailer hayner e ansem sod

With the departure of the flight, maybe it's not necessary that Sora needs to be followed?

0:26 – We see Hayner and Pence in the Twilight Town where Ansem Seeker of Darkness approaches the Old Mansion. Hayney shouts "Hey Loser!" Before attempting to hit Saiem with SoD. The last time we saw some of the Crew Twilight Town crew was when Sora briefly met during the events Kingdom Hearts 2, we saw in previous trailers that the group has returned but to see an argument like this shows how they are involved in the plot that they are now.

 kh 3 analog trailer yellow eyes

I always thought of the entire original Organization that Demyx would be the laziness to continue …

0:30 – Demyx is talking to Vexen (or the human form of Demyx and Even) about how members of the Organization are not what they might consider friends. What is an interesting detail to highlight in this scene? It is very similar to other members of the Organization since Vexen has no green eyes or Demyx has good eyes of blue, but both are yellow eyes. This is due to them having the master Xehanort putting some of its dark essence inside them or they continued to dabbling in the dark for a long time. Although there is still a lot of true 13 organization that we still do not know, this may mean that they also got the update as Braig.

kh 3 analysis of trailer sora and chiritia

I'm hoping the traditional Square Enix falls down the invisible ground …

0:35 – In this scene we see Sora talking to a Chirithy, one of the Dream Eater guides that were originally manufactured by the Master of Masters. We have seen Chirithy appear in related media Kingdom Hearts Unchained X So seeing Sora interacting is a great deal. These Chirithy are also usually linked to a person, so if this is an exception or there is someone who is used to follow the next thing is everything until the speculation. Where this conversation takes place it is also at the height of anyone's interpretation, since it is an endless horizon with Sora as if it were in a mirror.

As the Tangled trailer showed that there was a great effort recreating important movie scenes

0:41 – Here we see Captain Jack and Davey Jones fighting each other over the dead man's chest. This is a scene shot almost completely since the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Where did we leave behind Jack was at the end of the plot of the original movie as well Kingdom Hearts 3 You can try adjusting the plot of the second and third movie in one.

We give another look to the world Big Hero 6 and some minigames on Hundred Acre Woods after that.

1:05 – Returning to a head scraper or footage shows Sora in a white world that is full of other versions. The skybox is the same as when we saw it talking to Chirithy so it's safe to assume that everyone is in the same place. As Chirithy is Dream Eater and we know that the last time Sora entered her dreams, she lost her abilities. If you want to gain the power to wake up sleeping, Ventus could mean another immersion in your own mind. The writer couple Courtney Ehrenhofler even felt that it looks something like box art Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance where Sora found the Dream Eaters for the first time.

1:10 – This is where everything really goes into a deep story. This scene shows a great battle between light and darkness, as well as a ship of enemies, perhaps even more than 1000 no one Kingdom Hearts 2. It seems that the battle is taking place at the Keyblade Cemetery. What we can say clearly about the scene is that Sora, Donald, Goofy, Lea, Kairi, Riku and Mickey are all present. This brings together 5 brave of Keyblade, now we are only two away from our 7 warriors of light who need to take on the true organization. From the enemies that surround them, we can see without heart like Shadows, and that seems to be an improved soldier. The Nobodies are being represented by the dusk and the scrounge nobodies that resemble the third form of Marluxia since the end of Sora Chain of memories history We also see a great enemy of crabs that is representing the symbol of Unversed. Having a gift without versions means that Vanitas will probably be around.

1:15 – Terranort is giving him a new Keyblade and face the persistent will. For those who did not fight against the secret bosses Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix the persistent will is the armor left behind when the master Xehanort took the Earth body at the end of Birth by sleep. This armor is what Earth used to travel between worlds and protect it from the darkness but when the body of Earth was taken, its desire to resist the darkness was left behind and now it encourages armor. He was waiting at the Keyblade Cemetery to fight again against Terranort and claim his body. This may end up signifying that what keeps Earth is Earth.

 kh 3 analysis of trailers that fall into keyboards

Crow Leon Durmento so that he is not trapped to touch where Wally is from falling Keyblades

1:17 – Here is a brief scene where we can witness a large amount of falling Keyblades. Due to their falling angles and the orange and orange color, it is difficult to have a good look at them all, but again Courtney could come to my aid and found that in a moment you can clearly see the Sleeping Sleeping Keypad of Kingdom Hearts 2. We tried to see what others could do and when we came close we could not find others who were dead (be sure to warn if one is detected).

The true Organization seems to be about to fly south during the winter …

1:19 – The last note box is the whole 13th True Organization that is on top of a stone building. We can see the master Xehanort in the back with six members on each side of it. While we can not judge anything in terms of faces or voices that we can see among the crowd there is a variety of different body types. In addition, all we really know is that while the Xehanort teacher was looking for more members at the end of Ideal distance for rest since then we found them.

What did you think of the new? Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer? Is there some look I've lost? Did you like this article and would like to see more? Be sure to drop an answer in the comments.

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