Sunday , June 13 2021

Mnangagwa's globalization is a sign of despair & # 39;

The presence of President Emmerson Mnangagwa is an indication of despair, said the opposition MDC.

This comes as Mnangagwa this week traveled to Conakry, Guinea for a two-day state visit to consolidate African support for Zimbabwe's resumption agenda.

MDC chairman Morgan Komichi said the president should not be looking for solutions outside of the country but will come home and identify people who can help.

Komichi added that Mnangagwa is trying to obtain an international recognition that is not granted because it is illegal.

"Globalization is a sign of despair. Just look for a solution to solve the situation.

"The legitimacy crisis arose out of a rigorous election that did not obtain an international recognition that is a fundamental step for the economic crisis to be resolved.

"Globetrotting is trying to involve the international community but do not want to work with someone who has legitimacy problems."

However, the Deputy Minister of Information, Enerxia Mutodi, said that the opposition party does not have the possibility to decide which visit is beneficial for the country or not.

He said that Mnangagwa is obliged to respond to the mutual calls of the other presidents in line with the business of the country if they add value or not.

He noted that the government is determined to work to ensure that things are better in the country, as they also launched the Transitional Stabilization Program.

"How can the opposition say that visiting is beneficial and that it is not beneficial for the country.

"The president responds to the bilateral calls by other heads of the States to discuss business and, certainly, is subject to the probability that any bilateral conversation adds value.

"That's right," said Mutodi.

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