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Review of Apple MacBook Air 2018: Retina Display and new keyboard

The fan exploded this new MacBook Air with Retina Display. It's a familiar sound: a computer that attempts to cool a processor that is being overloaded by one of the eight applications I have been running. (In this case, it's a TweetDeck that is angry). But it is also a sound that we have not heard on more futuristic computers like the iPad, the Surface Pro or even the Pixelbook. Even so, whether they do it or not, the computer is handling everything that I am doing well, and a quick restart of the application falls.

That fan is a strange place to start talking about the new MacBook Air of $ 1,199. I'd rather go to all the many good The things to talk about are: the pixel density on the new screen, the smaller bezels, the Touch ID, the T2 security chip, the larger trackpad and a smaller design. I will understand all that. But I want to hang with a fan noise for a minute because its rumor encapsulates the most important thing to know about this MacBook Air.

That is to say: it is a computer that will allow you to do whatever you want, although some of these things are probably beyond its capabilities. He will not say "no" when he wants to open 20 pages and eight applications and then edit a photo. (Although, sometimes, with a fan and spinning beachball, it will say "uncle"). Above all, it is a computer that is family. Do everything you expect in a way that is accustomed.

Sometimes that's enough.


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Good things

  • Retina display
  • Touch ID
  • Great new trackpad
  • Excellent compilation quality

Bad Stuff

  • The display is not super bright
  • Not a great speed update
  • The USB-C ecosystem is still a problem
  • For $ 100 more, you can get a MacBook Pro of 13 inches more powerful or a smaller 12-inch MacBook

When I started trying out the new MacBook Air, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should compare. For $ 100 more, you can get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a more powerful processor and a brighter screen that weighs just 0.27 pounds more. You can also opt for a 12-inch MacBook with a slightly less powerful processor that weighs 0.72 pounds less. You would not have any tactile ID, but the point is that the choice between this new Air and the existing MacBooks is not as easy as it should be.

Is this new Air like a 12-inch MacBook, just blown to a slightly larger size? Is it more like a 13-inch MacBook Pro (sans Touch Bar), only with cheaper parts? After all, if you set the latter to the side of this new Air, you can hardly distract them.

My answer is, what are these two things? But the truest answer is that it does not matter. People who bought one of these MacBooks already have a pretty modern and powerful computer that is user-friendly. The comparison that in fact The issue is the old MacBook Air. There are a ton of people who have been hanged with them because it was so good and so reliable.

Comparing a 2018 laptop for one that does not have a significant update since 2015 will attack tech enthusiasts as ridiculous. Of course the new Air will beat the Old Air in a whole series of metrics. But that is precisely the point: Apple waited too long to launch something like this new Air, so people were waiting.

If you are one of those people, you have a lot to catch up with. This new MacBook Air essentially carries all the new things that Apple has done with laptops in the last three years and builds it on a single device. So let's get in what you are doing.

First: ports and cargo. Say goodbye to MagSafe to be able to forever. The new Air has two USB-C ports that you use to connect everything, including power. It's the new standard for almost everything except iPhones. Although, as a standard, it takes more time, well, standardize of what anyone wants.

The new charging cable does not appear when you travel in it, but that will not be what hits you most. Instead, welcome to #donglelife. You will need a few adapters to make sure everything that you fill in on the old laptop will work in the new one. Fortunately, there are now good USB-C hubs that combine everything together. So, the positive side is that you can have only one single cable on your desk for your monitor, power, USB-A, SD cards and everything else.

There is a headphone jack, fortunately, but there is no SD card slot. Sorry

The second one is the screen. More than any other update on the MacBook Air, this is what you will love. It is a Retina Display, which in this case is equivalent to a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. It is sharp and beautiful under a glass glossy glass, with much smaller bezels. These frames are not as small as those that can be obtained on some portable computers with Windows, but it is still a massive improvement over the old Air.

There is a hit on the screen, however: it does not look as bright as I would like. The specification on it is a maximum of 300 nights, but the important thing is that I will be accelerating the brightness to almost 100 percent more times. I had no problem seeing this screen, even in light rooms, but I have a vague concern that this affects the battery life to have it higher.

Okay, two strokes: it's not a touch screen. Apple's macOS is not designed to work with the touch, so it's not here. Most of the other computers in these days, whatever their form factor, make the touch of support.

Third: the keyboard. It is the newest design of Apple's "butterfly", which means that the main trip is super-superficial, the pot can potentially break it and write it can be very high. This third-generation version is designed to mitigate these last two concerns with a membrane that is below the keycaps. You will discover that it is a little weird to write during the first day, but you will get used to it. Some people do not really like me, but they are not one of them: I really like this keyboard, even if it's a bit small.

The fourth is Touch ID and security. You can start session with just your fingerprint now, and it's ridiculously quick and accurate. I could just play quickly as any key and unlock my computer. It's not as comfortable as unlocking the face you get with computers compatible with Windows Hello, but it's close. Best of all, get the Touch ID without having to get the silly Touch Bar that is in the MacBook Pros. Instead, it only has real and normal function keys.

The touch ID is powered by Apple's T2 chip, which is something small that keeps the entire laptop safe. Protect your digital fingerprint, encrypt the SSD without burning the processor and even deactivating the microphones when the laptop is closed. It also controls a random variety of other tasks, such as video encoding and audio processing for speakers to give them a wider sound. These speakers are also taller.

Fifth: a great update for the trackpad. It's much bigger now, though not as big as what you'll find on a MacBook Pro. Most importantly, it has the feature unfortunately called "Force Touch", which means that you can press down on any part of the keyboard to get a satisfying click. I could not think that your trackpad on MacBook Air was bad, but trust me, this is a lot better.

The sixth is just a global compilation quality. This laptop feels much better than the old MacBook Air. It fits the same size screen in a smaller body, but it is not so thin or as light as the thinnest and lightest of the laptops you can get today. When the first Air came out, it surprised everyone. This, although it is very well built, does not stand out from the package when it comes to size or weight.

Apple says it's made of 100 percent recycled aluminum, but it feels like any other Apple laptop. In fact, I could say that it recycles the design ideas of both the 12-inch MacBook Pro and the 13-inch MacBook Pro in this tapered design in the form of air.

Seventh and last, let's talk about specifications. The story with specifications is a little complicated because the story with Intel processors is a bit complicated. The processor inside the new MacBook Air is an Intel Core i5 8-core dual sound that sounds pretty good. And it's pretty good, but not all Intel processors are created alike.

What neither Apple nor Intel will make it easier for you to see is that it is a "Y-series" processor, which means that it is more a low power chip than the one you get on a MacBook Pro or many Windows laptop computers. That detail may not be important for the average MacBook Air buyer, but it is important for people who want a thin laptop that also proves to be powerful. I am one of those people and instinctively I look at my nose in the Y series.

The tricky part is that Apple not only takes a chip off the line and slap. Instead, do some customization. Therefore, this chip of the Y series has a power of up to 7 watts, which is a greater power than the other laptops usually do with the same processor. In other words, do not judge this laptop by the tag of your processor.

So let me conclude: this new MacBook Air is faster than the old MacBook Air, but not by the type of margin you would expect after three years (or even one, if you went on to buy the 2017 model). You can do all the same things you can do in your current Air. I have run a half dozen applications at the same time, along with more than a dozen tabs in Chrome, and everything is fine. I think that what most people will do with this laptop, that's fine. The $ 1,199 model base comes with 8GB of RAM (which is enough for most people) and 128GB of storage (which is not).

If you expect that you can upgrade and get a faster video editing or process a ton of RAW photos at the same time, get a MacBook Pro. These types of tasks will bring this air to a chug and turn the fans back. I discovered that I was more capable and powerful than the 12-inch MacBook, but, again, the difference was not as big as I expected.

I do not think anything of this as a problem, though not really. The Air can do everything I want in my daily workflow. I just want to be clear that my daily workflow does not push the limits of this processor. My assumption is that if you are still using a MacBook Air, not yours either.

Regarding battery life, I am not receiving Apple's requests for 12 hours of web browsing. (Although, to be fair, nobody knows how to use a computer just to navigate the web in Safari for 12 hours in a row). I would say that I am sure with seven hours of fairly active use: a mix of navigation, email, failure, Twitter, some photographic editions and some more intense tests from time to time. You can probably get more than that with a bit of moderation, but one of those restrictions would be a screen reduced to a rather dark shine. He is not a champion of battery life, in other words, but I can almost assure you that it will last longer than the decrepit battery in your current Air.

Is this all worth $ 1,200? Yes The performance and quality of this MacBook Air justifies its price. Do I want Apple to find a way to make a laptop a little less expensive? My answer is yes. (I am completely aware that these two ideas come together). As I said, existing MacBooks can best meet your needs.

The real issue here is that you can get an iPad Pro or a Windows laptop or even a Chromebook for less money that does almost everything you can do, almost everything. But there is something very important that they can not do: run macOS.

And that is the deal. People like Mac. It is great to have a computer that does all the computer things you want to be familiar to. Until recently, the best computer for most people was MacBook Air and Apple took a long time to update it. Then people were waiting. And waiting.

Now, the wait is over. But if you expected the beam to hit twice and this new MacBook Air would be as revolutionary as the old MacBook Air, well, it is not. It's basically a MacBook that finally includes all the material that has been happening with laptops in recent years. It is on the side of the rest of the world of the laptop, but it has not been exceeded. Sometimes this means that the fan will turn over you.

If you are the type of person that can switch to Windows, you can find something so good and probably a little faster for less money. Microsoft Surface Surface Laptop 2 and Surface Pro 6, for example, are really solid. But many people just want a good, modern and reliable one Mac. Nothing fancy, really. They just deserve something similar.

And for those people, those who have been hanging on that old MacBook Air, this is a good update. It's even for the course – and that's probably enough.

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