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Samsung F & # 39; s folding mobile phone; can be launched today: everything you need to know

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Updated: November 7, 2018 7:55:14 AM

Samsung foldable phone, release date of the folding mobile phone Samsung, Samsung Galaxy X, Samsung Galaxy F, Samsung Infinity Flex, Samsung folding cell phone price, Samsung folding mobile phone specifications, Samsung folding phone features, smart phones folding, conference of developers Samsung 2018 Samsung Developer Conference 2018: Here's all you need to know about Samsung's next smart folding phone. (Image credit: Samsung Mobile / Facebook)

Samsung, the largest smartphone maker in the world, will likely announce a folding phone at the company's developer conference later today. Probably called the Galaxy F, Samsung will show the folding phone to the press and developers for the first time. The keynote begins at 11:30 p.m. IST will be animated on YouTube's official YouTube channel. The conference takes place between November 7 and November 8 in San Francisco.

The South Korean giant has been causing a folding phone for a while. Only a day ago, Samsung took Facebook to publish an image of a folding Samsung logo, which clearly indicates the launch of a smart smartphone. This is not Samsung's first information about a possible sneak peek in the next folding phone. The guest event posted on Twitter already gives clear information about a folding smartphone. The tagline "Where does the next thing" seems to indicate that Samsung will play something big tomorrow. In September, the head of Samsung's mobile phones, DJ Koh, has suggested that a folding phone will be announced at its developer conference in November.

At the moment, we know little about Samsung's folding smartphone. Apparently, Samsung told some Korean media that it will show the UX of the phone at the event. There is a clear chance that Samsung could also cause its folding phone in the event to measure the interest of the developer community. Aside, The bell informs that Samsung has confirmed that the folding screen on the phone is finished. The report further states that the Korean company will massively produce around 1000 thousand approximate flexible screen units as of this month. Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal He reported that Samsung had conversations with YouTube and Netflix to offer the best possible experience on a folding screen.

Meanwhile, Samsung has introduced several registered trademarks in the United States, Korea and India around the name "Infinity". And those are the "Infinity Flex." The company also presented brand applications for Infinity-V, Infinity-O and Infinity O. We still do not know the exact name, but it could be called Galaxy F or Galaxy Flex.

The rumor of the device comes with a folding 7-inch display that bends in half. It is also expected to have a secondary display for notifications when doubling in half. The phone will have 512GB of internal storage, dual SIM capacity and a silver color option.

The folding smartphone designed radically from Samsung is closer to the launch, but it could have a price in excess of $ 1500 (or approximately 1.09.432). The rumors about Samsung's folding phone have been circulating for years, with the release date that was repeated several times citing technical problems. The newspaper claims that Samsung plans to direct niche markets with the launch of a folding phone. The article specifically mentions mobile games as the key focus.

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Surely Samsung will have the futuristic phone in its conference for developers tomorrow, although it will not go on sale before next year. It is expected that there will be a complete revelation at the CES technology show in Las Vegas next year. Although Samsung is not just working on a smart phone folding. Last week, the little known initially Chinese Royole announced the "first commercial folding smartphone in the world," called FlexPai. Works with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8150 chipset yet to announce and is expected to ship in December. Huawei, the second largest smartphone maker in the world, is also working on a folding phone. The launch is expected to occur sometime in 2019.

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